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Data Management - our passion

Data is becoming an increasingly central asset for our life. Converted to knowledge, data can gain insights, support decisions and generate opportunities. We can help convert your data from a third class citizen to a information that transform reality around. Our experts, based on cutting edge technologies,  deliveries innovative solutions - from defining data management strategy to designing solutions and developing data transformation processes. 

Practical areas of Cubodrom expertise:

  • data warehouse / BI solutions

  • master and reference data management systems

  • data governance solutions (lineage and quality)

  • semantic and graph data management

  • big data analyzes and machine learning (hadoop, spark, hive, etc.)

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Cloud Data Migration

AWS Data Lake
Azure Data Lake
AWS Migration
Azure migration

  • Create, schedule, orchestrate, and manage data pipelines

  • Connect to on premises and cloud data sources

  • Move relational data for Big Data processing

  • Automate cloud resource management

  • Monitor data pipeline health

  • Visualize data lineage


ETL Fast Food

Have you ever thoughts about ETL like a Fast food restaurant... Instant prepare "Extract" of data, quickly serve "Transform" process, well-done implement the "Load". Sounds like yummy burgers and french fries. 

Cooking a home ETL is time consuming, especially when you factor in all of the additional time it takes to prepare, like going to the "grocery store" to get the necessary ingredients...

ETL can be Fast Cheap and Convenient, but never lead to " excess weight" "health problems," "poor food quality” ;)

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Machine Learning Studio

CuboDrom help you to analyze growing quantities of data - structured as well as unstructured. Understanding the patterns and trends makes it easier to make qualified decisions faster. This contributes to increased competitiveness and improved profitability.

Different businesses and industries have their own needs and challenges, where Big Data and Machine Learning technique can provide strategic advantages:

  • optimize the production process and distribution

  • run basket analysis, design loyalty programs and streamline inventory management

  • reduce defection through improving customer services

  • gathering the findings and conclusions from the analysis

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Cubodrom Machine Learning

Our Trainings

Cubodrom trainings will help you master skills and tools of data management and data governance in big middle and small capacity.

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Cubodrom Training

Hadoop Developer

  • Hadoop cluster

  • HDFS & MapReduce

  • Hive / Impala

  • Sqoop / Flume

  • Spark

Spark Developer

  • Spark cluster / RDD

  • Spark SQL

  • Streaming / ML

  • ML workshop

Data Architect

  • “Big Data” concept 

  • Star / Snowflake

  • Data Vault

  • Data Lake

  • Data governance

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Cubodrom Mission

Our mission

CuboDrom is a technology company that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, helping clients take their businesses forward. Our team create new products and modernize complex legacy systems

We help our clients: 
- achieve important business outcomes;
- enhance existing solutions;
- re-engineering legacy systems;
- help to control the cost of managing existing IT systems.


We deliver consulting and strategy, design and development, operations and management. This is what we can do for you!

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